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1979 Ferrari 308 GTB for sale at GTO Engineering Ltd - #ferrari #classic_car #for_sale

1979 Ferrari 308 GTB for sale at GTO Engineering Ltd - #ferrari #classic_car #for_sale

1979 Ferrari 308 GTB

Seller's description

The Ferrari 308 GTB, introduced at the 1975 Paris Motor Show, marked a significant change for the company from Maranello. Powered by a mid-mounted transverse V-8, the 308 opened up a market segment unexplored by Ferrari, which had aimed its products solely at an elite clientele. As a successor to the V-6 Dino, the 308 was powered by a 240 horsepower 3.0-liter four-cam 90-degree V-8 transversely mounted ahead of the rear axle. The four cams were driven by toothed belts and the engine was fitted with a quartet of Weber twin-choke carburetors. A five-speed all-synchromesh rear transaxle was included, and the chassis, with fully independent front and rear suspension, was much like the Dino’s, including the 92.1-inch wheelbase.
This car is chassis number 26815 and was the Maranello Concessionaires demonstrator registered 03.04.1979, then supplied to Cooper Cars Sales Lts on 29.08.1979 and we have copies of the original invoices for the sale
She was supplied with the factory extras of AC, wide wheels and front spoiler – all of which are still on the car
The present owner bought her on 08.09.2014. He has been fastidious about the standard of the car and it’s condition.
The file contains pages of recent receipts for work done in 2014 by QV of Windsor Ferrari specialists but when purchased was brought to GTO and was serviced by our master technician in 2015. He brought the car up to the owners exacting standards sourcing new wheels and tyres and making the car correct. Our master technician has owned several 308s and races his own car regularly in his own time. As you can imagine he usually works on GTO’s SWBs TDFs and California’s so his standards are incredibly high. Thousands of pounds worth of receipts at GTO Engineering are available to view
She was again seen by us in October 2016 and has hardly been driven since
The file also contains many MOTs that help verify the mileage of 29,285
The car comes complete with spare keys and the original book pack. As we know this Ferrari inside out, we cannot reccomend this example highly enough

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